Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall ALREADY!!!!

25 Months

25 Months and LOVES high heels already!!!

26 Months and loving on eachother!

27 Months

27 Months

LOVE LOVE LOVE these scrunchie smiles

Boy oh boy, where did summer go?!? All I know is our BABIES are growing up waaaaay too fast! They are both talking so much, putting 3 words together and repeating anything you tell them to be careful what you say!!!!

Adelyn loves to repeat what I say, but put Mommy's name in her place....for example, Adelyn you are being naughty.....she randomly likes to look at me with this little face and say....Mommy naughty...yeah, she loves to say that. We might be eating dinner....Mommy naughty...she is so full of it :)

Axton loves to watch movies, well he gets so excited for the beginning, then he wonders off playing. He is still all cars, trucks and tractors!

They both discovered jumping this past week....makes me nervous!!! They love to tip their outdoor cars on their sides and climb up and jump off on the grass....when and only when Daddy is home too!

Overall, both Adelyn and Axton are doing amazing! Growing and learning something new amazing how quickly they pick up on things! We are working on counting to 10...making progress :)

Enjoy the pictures!!!!! Much love to each and everyone of our family and friends for all your support and love! May God continue to bless us with great health and strong growing bodies! We love you!!!

Grant, Chas, Adelyn & Axton Arnoldink

Sunday, July 10, 2011

2nd BIRTHDAY!!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

All tuckered out after a long day! Loving on their new 53" bears!

Birthday at the beach!!! Birthday at the beach!!!

25 Months

25 Months with Mommy's high heels!

Our babies are officially 2 YEARS old...but wait, where did these past 2 years go?!?! I am so amazed at how fast time ticks right on past us. The kiddo's are now little people with their own personality and starting to really chime in on what is going on. They are talking so much, putting words together and repeating just about anything you tell them to say, unreal!!!

We had a great time celebrating their 2nd birthday! They were more than spoiled, as usual and we had a beautiful and hot day! I had a cake made that had 2 cars on it, they each got to dig into :) I am so thankful for our family and friends who were here to celebrate with us.

Their 2 year check-up went great as far as being healthy! But their experience in the office was pretty rough...they didn't even have to get shots and they pretty much screamed and cried the entire time. Amazing how 6 months pass by and they still know the doctors office. We all survived, thank you to Grandma Arnoldink helping me out :)

The stats at 2 years were:


36.25 inches

33 lbs 2 oz


35 inches

27 lbs 9 oz.

We are SUPER blessed with happy, healthy, strong, growing babies! Thank you God for all you do and for our future together! We love you!

Love Grant, Chas, Adelyn & Axton Arnoldink

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ALMOST 24 months!!!

22 Months

22 Months

This is the outcome of not knowing how to keep the pedal down to GO, so he pushes it!

LOVES to just sit there!

So he pushes, much happier!!!

Love my baby girl!

Daddy and his little twin!

LOVE my family!

23 Months

23 Months

It was only 4 months ago that I couldn't believe my "babies" were going to be TWO....the time is almost here, 2.5 weeks...WOW! Adelyn and Axton continue to change and grow everyday. It amazes my how quickly they pick up on things and repeat what you say. Axton is certainly talking more that Adelyn, as far as repeating after Grant or I. Someone was leaving the other day and I said "see ya"....Axton said it right after me. Grant got him saying, yeaaa boy...but it is SO adorable in his voice. We were leaving the mall today and I said "here we go"....there was soon an echo :) I had such a fun morning with the babes; we went to the mall, they got to play and made it to Costco to get Adelyn more cheese :) They were in such a good mood, laughing and being silly!

Since the weather is getting warmer out (finally) all the kids want to do is "outside" ...they LOVE playing outside! Adelyn takes charge of the motorized tractor. If she notices Axton heading towards it, she runs and gets on it before him. She is the boss, no doubt about it! Axton would rather push the tractor than ride it. Anything he can push, he is happy! He still does not like to fall in the grass...he will lay with his hands and feet in the air like superman.

They are STILL such AMAZING sleepers....we have been super blessed with having twins, God gave us awesome babes! They go to bed around 7:30 every night and sleep until 8:00...they take one BIG nap from 1-4. I love having a schedule, so thankful that they do a great job at following it :)

We thank God for our blessings and for giving us 2 healthy, beautiful, loving children. Please continue your thoughts and prayers, we love you!

I had my cousin take pictures of us a few weeks ago, enjoy as you see how BIG they are getting!

Love Grant, Chas, Adelyn, Axton & Arnoldink

Friday, February 25, 2011

20 Months

17.5 Months

17.5 Months

18 Months

18 Months

18 Months

All my most recent pictures are on my new camera that I have yet hooked up to the computer, so I will update current pics very soon!

Unreal to think that in 4 more months.....we will be celebrating a 2nd Birthday for Adelyn & Axton...what happen to my "babies"?!?! They are getting SO big and running around chattering like little people.
They are saying quite a few words...Mommy, DaDa, Num Num, Car, Truck, Tractor, Daisy, PaPa, Hi, Bye Bye, Snow, Elmo, Kitty, Juice, Cracker, Cookie, Hop Hop, Baby....those are just off the top of my head, so they are doing a great job :)

They are starting to learn what animals say...they have a dog, cow and monkey down so far :) Adelyn was trying to do fish lips last night and she got the biggest kick out of me doing them. Pretty neat how easily entertained they are sometimes...Love them to pieces!

Axton LOVES his cars, trucks and tractors...he will sit and entertain himself for quite sometime playing and pushing his toys around. He also LOVES hats...he put one on and runs to the mirror to look at himself. It is one of the cutest things to see him looking at himself and smiling from ear to ear.

Adelyn on the other hand, LOVES to be entertained...she loves looking at books and sitting on my lap. She loves jewelry and running to look at herself in the mirror with Mommy's necklace on :)
They play well together, as long as there is no taking trucks/cars from Axton :) Last night, Axton was in the wrestling mood, he practically gets Adelyn pinned down and just nudges his head into her, giggling more than ever. It doesn't last long, because Adelyn does not like the roughness of her little brother :) It is so amazing to see how God created a boy and a girl and that their senses are completely directed to "girl" and "boy" activities.

Christmas was very fun this past year. Adelyn was present queen...she knew there was something inside those wrapped packages. Axton was not as interested, so Adelyn got to open twice as many gifts! She was more excited about getting clothes than toys...I must say, that is my girl :) Once Axton opened a truck, that was the end of his attention span for presents....he was focused on that truck for the rest of the night.

Adelyn and Axton have grown into little kids who have filled out hearts with so much love. They continue to learn something new everyday, which is just so amazing to watch them take everything in. We thank God for their healthy & strong growing bodies. I pray that He continues to bless both babes and our family.

Thank you to all our family and friends for your unconditional love and support!

Love Grant, Chas, Adelyn, Axton & Daisy Arnoldink

Friday, November 5, 2010

16 Months

Pumpkin Patch - we hauled their pumpkins home that they picked out :)
Miss Pumpkin Patch - 16 Months
Mr Pumpkin Patch - 16 Months
Fairy Princess - 16.5 Months
Football Star - 16.5 Months
FL Trip at a Orlando Magic game!

The babes are chitter chattering away, trying to walk really fast (run) and growing like weeds! I know I say this every time...but how on earth does a MONTH fly by so quickly! I remember when it took forever for a day to go the Month ticks right on by...unreal!

Both Adelyn and Axton are doing GREAT! They are really interested in looking at books and wanting to sit on your lap and look/read with them. Talk about making your heart melt...I just can't get enough lap time with them both! Although...they don't really like to share my lap with each other, they like their "own" time :) All about taking turns, right!

Axton is very independent when it comes to playing. He will push a truck around, bang it on the ground, play with Lego's.....where Adelyn loves to be entertained! It was interesting how our Doctor said...that is the difference between a boy and girl! Perfect was my first day getting back to the gym and leaving them in the child care there without knowing anyone. As I peeked into the window after I was done...there is Axton playing aways and there sits Adelyn in the girl's lap :) LOVE the amazing difference between my children....I am so blessed to be able to watch a little girl and a little boy grow at the same time!

Halloween this year....well a little bummed because Grant and I were in FL this year for a nice little get away with his Cousin and his wife. Don't get me wrong...the warm weather was amazing and being able to spend a few days alone with my Hubby is priceless :) BUT, we missed out on the chance to take them house to house. Thankfully I have an AMAZING sister and AMAZING in-laws who put their costumes on and took them to some houses :) I did get some ADORABLE pictures of them....our little Football Player and Fairy Princess!!!

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is a few weeks away and then Christmas will sneak right up after that! We must continue to thank God for all his blessings! Both babes are strong and healthy...more than a parent could ever wish for. I pray for the continued love and support from our family and friends and most important our God who has always and will always be here for each and every one of us! We love you all....xoxo!
Love Grant, Chas, Adelyn, & Axton Arnoldink

Friday, October 1, 2010

15 Months

Start this out good....Little Miss Poop Princess :) Yes, Adelyn learned how to take her dress, bloomers, and DIAPER off...then decided to poop and play with it for an hour (during nap time). Come to find....poop smeared EVERYWHERE...legs COVERED...needless to say, my sister and I got a great laugh out of it AND this is the only time it has happened...knock on wood :) Love this little girl to pieces!

Taking his first few steps at 13.5 Months
14.5 Months
14.5 Months

15 Months

15 Months

15 Months

Family Photo @ 15 Months

What do ya know.....3 months have already passed since I have updated this beauty...not like I have much to keep me busy :) As for our HEALTHY, STRONG, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, ADORABLE, LOVING, PRECIOUS......babes, they are doing so great! Axton is walking for the most part...likes to crawl here and there...but boy oh boy is he ready to go! Adelyn is right behind him...learning quick :) They are chattering jibberish and saying a few words...Ma Ma, Da Da, Baby, Num Num, Ba Ba, Hi, and repeat other words here and there. So crazzzzy how fast they learn! We are officially down to ONE nap a day...nice long 3 hours plus :) Keeps our mornings open for playdates and outdoor walks...I might add a little jogging in there...we try :)

The babes are also BOTTLE free....yippeeeeee! Sippy cup PROS!!! Eating what we Mr. Axton is quite the picky lil man...doesn't look like it, but he is! Miss Adelyn will eat sardines if I gave them to her...but I wouldn't dare!

We just had the FUN 15 month check-up that included SHOTS....breaks my heart :( But it is worth keeping our babes healthy! So the stats......
26 lbs 13 oz
32 3/4 inches

21 lbs 14 oz
31 1/4 inches

Still seems like Axton is about 10 lbs heavier....but he is just a solid lil man! When we are in public...people find it hard to believe that they are TWINS...due to how big he is :)

I never realized how fast life goes until I got the opportunity to have my own children. It makes you stop and take in every moment possible. I told my mom...I can't imagine my babies being 26 years old...yikes! As for now...I am LOVING every second of being a Mommy and being able to stay at home and raise these little dolls :) I ask for Gods help and guidance as Grant and I both raise our children. You always pray that every decision you make is the best, as least we always have the best intention at heart. We are so thankful for Gods blessings. We pray that He continues to keep the babes healthy and growing strong.

Lots of love to our families and friends for all your love and support....xoxo!

Hope you enjoy the updated pics :)

Grant, Chas, Adelyn, & Axton Arnoldink

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


11 Months
11 Months

11.5 Months

11.5 Months

Is it really possible that our babies are ALREADY....ONE?!?!? This entire year has flown by SO fast...I just can't quite believe it. For having 2 babes at once and being our first experience....WOW, did God bless us with not one, but TWO amazing, well-behaved, loving, perfect, healthy and growing kiddo's :) We celebrated their 1 st Birthday with our immediate family, which was so wonderful! They LOVED the confetti icing and cake....I think they might have a sweet tooth like mommy!
They are both making lots of chatter...Da Da (favorite), Ma Ma (once and a while) Num Num (HUNGRY). They both wave Hi and Bye Bye....Love to CLAP their hands and play peek-a-boo while covering one eye (Super Cute)!!! They are walking around everything...climbing up the stairs (don't worry, they are supervised), eating whatever we eat and sleeping like ROCK STARS...that is 12-13 hours and in bed by 7 or 7:30. It is so nice to have time for Grant and I before the night is over :)
Adelyn is quite outgoing...will wave at every person we walk bye...where it takes Axton a few minutes to figure out if he is going to cry or not :) They are both SO ticklish and their laugh is rather contagious. There are no sounds better than hearing your babes laugh, especially when they are playing together :)

At their 12 month check-up, Dr. Lund was more than happy with their growth. The following are the stats:
24 lbs 8 oz
31 3/4 inches
8 teeth
19 lbs 8oz
29 1/2 inches
6 teeth

As you can see....Axton has a solid 5 lbs on Adelyn...although it feels like 10 lbs. He is so solid and totally built like a boy. I have high thoughts that he WILL be bigger than his daddy :) As for Adelyn, she is as light as a feather and so petite :)
Now at 13 Months, they are both taking about 4-6 steps then diving into our arms. What an amazing sight to see. God certainly has delivered us two miracles who have brought SO much joy, love and laughter into our lives and many others. I can't thank Him enough for His never-ending blessings and I pray for His continued strength in every aspect of Adelyn and Axton's life.

Thank you to all of our Family and Friends for your love and support!

Love Grant, Chas, Adelyn, Axton & Daisy Arnoldink